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Nov 30, 2009

Top 10 Benefits of Medical Practice Automation

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Top 10 Benefits of Office Automation
1>Integration and aggregation of information: The ability to move between different elements in a patient encounter very quickly. E.g. review last result, review last visit, review patient CDM data;
2>Readiness and organization of information: The ability to quickly manage a large number of data points and effectively use them for patient care;
3>Administration: The ability to eliminate the task of creating and managing paper charts. No chart pulls or re-files. No misplaced or duplicate charts;
4>Error reduction: The assurance that all clinical information is in the record;
5>Follow up care: Effective patient follow up regarding results, consultations, investigations;

6>Improved use of resources: Space savings as paper records do not require storage, people can be more effectively utilized for different tasks, time-savings due to rapid access to information;
7>Reduction of duplication: The ability to quickly review lab results or investigations and reduce duplication or the ordering of inappropriate investigations;
8>Chronic Disease decision support: The ability to be proactive in patient care for chronic disease management. E.g. Practice audits for large groups of patients with the ability to easily drill down to the individual patient level;

9>Medication decision support: The ability to prescribe electronically with automated decision support (Drug:Drug, Drug:Disease, Drug:Age interaction warnings and alerts);

10>Remote access: The ability to remotely access patient records from home or alternate locations such as a separate clinic or hospital.

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